Dungeon23 – Rooms 1 and 2

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The boat

You’ve arrived at the seaside town. The boat is a large and seasoned vessel and you have rested it against the small wharf that sits next to a pleasant town square surrounded by five main buildings and a fishmongers stall. You pay the captain of the boat and enter the town.

Town Square

The town square is a bustling hive of activity. A large statue of a seagod is at the center. On the west is a small wharf. 3 buildings are on the south side of the square and two are on the north. a road heads west.

Dungeon design inspiration

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I came across the great video about dungeon designs based on video game level design. My quick summary:

Jennel Jacques has been responsible for great map design in both awesome D&D modules and great video games

Her core concepts have been used by others

  • Multiple entry points from overland world to the dungeon
  • Looping and fractal is important for dungeon design
  • Branching paths should loop back on one another to create
  • This can apply multiple levels of a dungeon
  • Level connection should be complicated not simple.

Great example of this is Dust 2 in counter strike

Dungeon23 – Level 0

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So we start the dungeon with a surface level 0 …. Here’s my map for the initial Level 0, It’s a town that will start as the entrance to the dungeon and will be a base the party can restock on supplies when needed …


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I have decided to give Dungeon 23 a go 🙂


So every day I’ll be writing a room/area for a mega dugeon – I’ll be keeping details on this blog along the way

wish me luck!!!

Dungeon Masters Guild Content on Roll20

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Just notice this on DMSGUILD and looks pretty exciting …


Looks like there will be a lot more in the next few months …

Extending the 5 room dungeon

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I came across a great youtube video recently that extends the concept of the 5 room dungeon (5rd). I am a huge fan of the 5rd and it’s important to watch this and understand this concept of extension, what is called the 10 room dungeon (10rd), does not in anyway replace the 5rd but rather just adds a level of specificity that I really like. Anyway here are the 10 rooms:

  • Entrance
  • Logical Location
  • Environmental Complication
  • Alternate Threat of Ally
  • Helpful Information
  • Secret Entrance or Exit
  • Resource Drain
  • Secret
  • Big Battle or Final Conflict
  • Reward, Revelation, or Plot Twist

It’s really good to I’ll be using both for the record in the future!!!!

Here’s the great video:

You can find more about the author here: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/

Thanks Dom

Between sessions

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I have played an recent campaign and was really impressed with the between sessions approach that was taken where actual time between sessions equates the amount of time in game and the GM worked with the players between sessions so that we were letting the GM know what we were individually doing. I thought it was a great idea and then came across a great video on the same subject:

Ok so its not for everyone but if you want to try it out, I think its a really cool concept and certainly worth trying. As a DM you may need to wrap up sessions specifically to support this but I think it can be done.

Two new adventures on DMSGUILD

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I have just published two more encounters/mini-adventures on DMSGUILD both PWYW and both are probably good starting adventures for new DMs. I personally think The Marines is the best for a new DM as it is specifically designed for a bunch of first level fighters so that keeps things pretty simple to start with. Here are both of :

https://www.dmsguild.com/product/415891/The-Marines (1 page DnD Encounter)

https://www.dmsguild.com/product/415901/The-Hunters (1 page DnD Encounter)

Second one shot on DMSGUILD

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This was the second one shot i developed for DMSGUILD as part of last years Write Your First Adventure over at www.storytellingcollective.com


Pre-generated 5e characters

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I am not sure how many people are aware of these amazing free pre-generated characters for D&D. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to roll your own of course but sometimes you just need a handful of pre-generated characters to kick start a one-shot straight away.

Check out the pre-generated classes here : https://dnd.wizards.com/charactersheets

Download the zip file and you will find 10 characters for each class. Each of the characters advances in level from 1 to 10 and the cool thing is as theses characters advance, you can always have the next one available if a character in your party advances a level.They are only 1-2 pages as well and I find them very accessible for new players.

Hope this helps