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DungeonBard restarts!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2014 by dommillar

Ok so day 1 of the #7DRL is done and things seem to be travelling ok so far. Initial version seems ok so far. This time DungeonBard is being built as a retro ASCII roguelike with lots of music. Just a reminder about  a few things that are being used for this projects:

1.Graphic Assets from my original my 2012 university Assignment (Big thanks to Alice again!!!)

2.My own FOV engine 

3.My own PCG engine 

more details soon

Preparing to start the #7DRL comp 2014

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on March 8, 2014 by dommillar

Will be an interesting week – lots of work on, lots of other things going on but will be interesting to see if I can build a game in 7 days. Succeeded last year with a HTML5/C# game (failed the year before) but this year the iOS challenge will make it lots of fun. Still doing lots of planning for the week, but have got my development environment setup and just starting to work on some user stories (Yes I am going to take a semi-SCRUM approach for managing this crazy week). Anyway more soon on this site…