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My latest tutorial on Dungeon Generation for Xcode/Objective-C

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Just a little tutorial I created in iOS/ObjectiveC developers:


7DRL starts on 8 March

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From a post by Jeff Lait – here is the information on this years 7DRL

1) Any time on March 8th or March 16th (as measured in your time 
zone), register on 
2) Write a roguelike. 
3) After 168 hours, if you have completed a playable roguelike, add your 
download link to!  If not, set your status 
to failed and we will all commiserate and agree that given a few 
scant more hours, it could have been great.

Slight change of plans…

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Ok so if you unfortunate enough to follow this blog you have been seriously disappointed by the lack of progress in the games development and that’s a fair thing. The last year has not been a lot of progress for my proposed game and since completing the University course (when I built the prototype) – its hasn’t gone very far. The app was in a good enough state for good grade but I always had a few concerns about the quality of the game and the fact that I prototyped so much to complete it for University.

So a year or so down the track I start another year thinking can I get this idea to fruition as an iPhone game in the near future. Probably thinking that it still not going to happen in the next few months.

So the change of plans for DungeonBard…

So I always felt that I would be making a HTML5 version of the game. I just thought that I would get the iOS version out first.So the change of plans is that I have just decided to push ahead with this and am planning on building  a HTML5/JS version for of DungeonBard for the upcoming 7 day rogue like challenge .  You might ask why? To be honest the main reason to set a deadline that can’t be moved. To set a target that I will move heaven and earth to meet. Yes I could try for a iPhone game in 7 days but thinking realistically I will stuggle to build anything significant in iOS in 7 days. HTML5/JS is another story. Not saying I am a genius HTML5/JS developer but have used some cool frameworks and built a JS game for last years 7DRL.

So now the planning begins and hopefully like last year and can produce a successful 7DRL. This blog will be my primary source of information/progress so stay tuned and hopefully this time we will get the first version of DungeonBard off the ground.