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Merry Xmas from dungeonbard

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2012 by dommillar

Having a nice break but keen to restart the engines of development. Hoping everyone has had a great Christmas.


Another big nite o code

Posted in Developer Diary, iPhone Roguelike Development, Roguelike, Roguelike Project Issues on December 11, 2012 by dommillar

Another big night completing the rest of the XMLafication of the dungeonbarx where I remove any old hardcoded rubbish and replace by inflating the object with XML data on initialisation.

Last night victory of code

Posted in Developer Diary, iPhone development (General), iPhone Roguelike Development, Roguelike on December 11, 2012 by dommillar

A great night last night working late but implemented quite a cool pattern for loading XML files to inflate various objects including creatures (and their conversations) items and other game objects. This is big as it removes all the hardcoded constants that make the code very hard to maintain. It means I am very close to the state of development I have been striving for ( no not completion although that’s coming too : ) ). That state is what I call “content”.

This means I am close to the point where’s the engine is done and all we need to do is fill out the content and tweak/tighten the game.

Time to get the project back on track

Posted in Roguelike, Roguelike Project Issues on December 10, 2012 by dommillar

fairly quiet couple of weeks as busy with work and now settling a little time to get this little project back on track.  Excited by having a bit more time although expect the nightime missions will start to become more constant as I get this app ready for the appstore – but hey thats life in the indie world!!

Currenltly experimenting with some cool XML options to allow most of the creatures, objects and other cool items to be loaded from xml files and tying this in with the current PCG (Procedural Content Generation) codebase.

Back soon!!!!