Current bug List

Ok so this is quite late but quite a few things sorted

Current Bugs/Issues


Bug when we leave drop and use weapons – animations not being displayed

  • no door displayed on level 1 and below – getting stuck on level 1 – need all the doors to be added to the dungeon
  • CODE TO PICK UP WHATS BEEN WALKED AND TOUCHED  – this applies to touching walls
  • Start intro music on main game screen only kill it when we start the actual game – so just a pass areference to it to the game controller and check it there
  • make sure the bow attack code works
  • make sure the boss has better attacks
  • Remove all hardcopy strings and numbers to the constant class
  • In the other town rooms there are no images of real people can we add them*
  • add a dungeon link from a castle or building in town ie. Dungeon in Castle*
  • Remove old song code*

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