Current bug list

Ok so there are a few non-bugs in here (maybe this should just be called a get it done list) anyway 10 dec is not very far away so this list needs to start to get a bit smaller pronto – please ignore CAP issues!!!

Current Bugs/Issues


Music to be killed when we leave the game

Bug when we leave drop and use weapons – animations not being displayed

Name is hardcoded for display in main controller

displays nulls for the tiles – when clicking on a tile it does not show any description just null

no door displayed on level 1 and below – getting stuck on level 1

potions appearing in the middle of walls

fix the story so far text …does not reflect the current game or the user doco

swipe code does nothing for other functions


Start intro music on main game screen only kill it when we start the actual game – so just a pass areference to it to the game controller and check it there

Display a message when picking up 5th item

Can start in a wall

make sure the bow attack code works

make sure the boss has better attacks

Add 1 more bard allow him to be selected from start

Hardcopy rubbish in the getImageFromRow method

Remove all hardcopy strings and numbers to the constant class

In the other town rooms there are no images of real people can we add them

add a dungeon link from a castle or building in town ie. Dungeon in Castle

Document all current rules in User Documentation as user doco is way out of date

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