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Powerpoint presentation on dungeonbard I gave a few days ago at University

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Presentation I gave at University a few days ago for dungeon bard


Diary of the bad budding indie Dev

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Ok I have been bad this week very bad – lots of stuff done including uni presentation , major achievement in the code got the main game mechanic and a lot of doco but I have been quiet on the blog. I will try to update the feature set list later tonight and see if I can get the presentation up. I have roughly a month to go before assignment is due do still lots to do

Updated featureset

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Not sure how this will render but here is the updated state of the feature set


FeatureSet Description State
Basic Movement Cardinal movement Done
Basic Monster Movement Monster to follow bards movement Done
Levels As player completes the quest for each level the opening to the next level must appear Partial
Monster Base class for all monsters Done
Skeleton Subclass of Monster Partial
Ghost Subclass of Monster  
Zombie Subclass of Monster  
Vampire Subclass of Monster  
Game Feature X TBA Partial
Items Various loot to collect Partial
Pickup and Drop Fearure to pickup and drop items – includes backback Partial
Game Over Game over functionality  
Select Bard Bard Selection screen displaying the different capabilities of bards Partial
Scoring System Game completion includes final score  
Combat Creature vs Bard combat Partial
Weapons Both for Creature and Bard  
Music Background and in game music Partial
Save Game Load and Save screen  
High Score Webservice  

Latest screenshot on

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number 96 from this weeks screenshotsaturday

number 96  and its week 96 as well!!!!