Diary of a budding iPhone indie developer : day 3

So I actually missed entering day 2 and 3 online so they have both gone in today. Again, work fairly busy and its that constant balance of everything in life with the. Getting more sleep which is great as I know as the deadlines for this project get close sleep will once again fall in my priority rankings.

Today was better – not a lot achieved but this was a day off in terms of my original schedule so can cope well with that and yesterday now happily written off – I actually got a chance to review the game concept document. Actually its more like a high level brief of what is going to be produced in the game. It’s based on game concept document I was required to deliver as part of a unit I complete last semester at UNI. Whilst, I probably can’t publish it just the structure is pretty useful and is basically:


2.Working title,description of the essence of the game and basic storyline.

3.What makes it interesting

4.Explanation of basic gameplay

5.Description of Games “Razor” (The razor gives a one sentence overview that defines the scope and style for the game)

6.List and Description of basic objects (I List each object in a separate table with two columns – Behavior and Properties – I think of these as methods and properties in the traditional OO sense)

7.List and description of basic procedures (What happens and how it happens)

8.List and description of basic rules (What you can and can’t do)

The document is not suppose to go into great detail – thats a later document called the Game Design Document and we will build that eventually as the project moves along.



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